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04 january 2017, 01:22

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Located on the South-Western United States on the Pacific ocean California is the third area of 410 thousand square kilometres and is the most populous state of US state. Golden state includes in its territory almost all of the natural systems inherent in the country - snow mountains, vast deserts lush forests and many historical monuments as the cultures of pre-Columbian America and the era of the birth and development of the United States. The Central part of the state is a fertile valley Central valley where it is grown about a third of the national crop framed from the East by the Sierra Nevada up to 4421 m on mount Whitney the South Tehachapi mountains from the West - Coast mountains the mountain pines 2692 m and from the North - spurs of the Cascade mountains mount Shasta 4316 m is the Northern boundary of the valley. From the surrounding mountains into the valley escapes many largest rivers - the San Joaquin and Sacramento that provides ample hot local climate, amount of moisture in the Central valley and is divided into the North Sacramento valley to the South valley of San Joaquin and the Delta is practically the only source of fresh water for the entire region. In the West, the mountain ranges come to the edge of the ocean forming a narrow coastal plain extending from Cape San Lucas or Cabo Falso Mexico to the far North to the fjords of Washington. The South-Eastern part of California is the Mojave desert and to the North of it lies the famous tectonic Death Valley - Badwater is the lowest-Flet -86 m, and hottest point in North America.

Here was recorded the highest temperature in the Western hemisphere - +566°C although on the basis of frequent temperature under +65 to 70°C. And given in the South to the North of the city of San Jacinto San Jacinto basin lake, the Salton sea -75 m and extending along the entire length of the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges with altitudes of over 4000 meters in California is one of the most diverse terrain of the United States - about 25% of its territory is desert, another 27% - of the valley and urban settlements 3% falls on the waters of the lake for the most part salty and the rest of the mountain. In California it is one of the most geologically active regions of the United States. Throughout the state, is a major tectonic fault San Andreas fault and over a dozen smaller faults in the earth's crust, which explains the abundance of a narrow gorge-like valleys grabens volcanoes mostly dormant and regularly recorded here earthquakes. The climate of California is extremely diverse but in most parts of the state it bears all the hallmarks of a Mediterranean tropical with a short rainy winter and long dry summers. Near the coast is cold California current which significantly reduces the temperature gradient and leads to frequent mists.

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