The project for the Russian about the United States of America.

04 january 2017, 01:22

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The project for the Russian about the United States of America. A blog about life in the United States the real facts reviews related articles video interviews with famous immigrants. Interesting links and useful tips for visitors. Lifestyle in the USA a look inside the culture and traditions of the country, the history and legislation of the States and tourist attractions visa. The Main CA California state on the West coast of the country California the 31st state of the USA. In the North California shares borders with Oregon to the East Nevada, in the South-East and Arizona to the South the Mexican state of Baja California.

Upstate is Blue ridge a spur of the Appalachian mountains. Square -423 000 sq km A population of over 37 million people The largest city is Sacramento the state capital of Los Angeles San Diego long beach Oakland San Francisco. Already in the twenties and thirties of the XIX century the territory of California began to investigate Americans. At first it was mainly hunters and fur traders, including such well-known pioneers of the Western United States as Joseph Walker Jedediah Smith, kit Carson and others. In may 1846 war began between the United States and Mexico. 14 June of the same year, a few American settlers in California's SONOMA not knowing about the beginning of the hostilities, captured the Mexican garrison arrested the commandant and announced the creation of the new independent States of the Mexican Republic of California.

January 24, 1848 James Marshall, who built on the river the American river the American river in Coloma California sawmill for John Sutter found a nugget. August 19, 1848, on the discovery of gold in California was reported at the time the largest newspaper on the East coast USA new York Herald and in December of the same year, has officially confirmed this news in his address to the Congress of the USA eleventh President James Polk. Thus began the gold rush in California. That is a gold rush transformed California from a distant hard-to-reach and little-known region in one of the richest States in the US laying the foundations for its future prosperity. Even before the decision on the question of statehood California slave States of the Southern United States lobbied the issue of giving autonomy to southern California and as a state with legalized slavery. However, with the adoption by Congress of a package of laws known as the Compromise of 1850 California joined the U.

S. as a free state. During the Civil war in the United States California was on the side of the northerners. Remote from the theater of operations California did not form regular military units but many state residents have participated in hostilities voluntarily. The completion of the first.

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