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Stelmach T First in war first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen Henry Lee George Washington was born in Wakefield VA 11 Feb 1732 20 years before the introduction of the Gregorian calendar. So in 1752 the date of his birth was February 22, new style. Was the eldest son of a prosperous Virginia gentry. He lost his father early and lived with his older brother's plantation mount Vernon he inherited after his death. Now this manor is a Museum in Washington. George received only basic primary education.

Belonged to the Episcopal Church. Military career Military service was George Washington a life. For the first time the young Washington had distinguished himself in 1753, on the eve of the French and Indian war. He was instructed to deliver a message to the commander of the French Fort but on the way he encountered unforeseen circumstances at 20 paces he was shot by Indians fortunately did not hit he fell into the icy mountain river and miraculously survived. Dissatisfied with the oppression of American officers from the authorities of the metropolis frustrated Washington returned periodically to his estate mount Vernon. Was appointed head of the Virginia militia.

In 1759 -1774. he took a seat in the House of Burgesses of Virginia and led the opposition to the colonial policy of England. Participated in the First and Second Continental Congresses but during the discussions, chose to remain silent. In June 1775 he was unanimously appointed commander in chief of the Continental army although Washington himself advised for the position of General Lewis. The first success of chief was the Dorchester in March, 1776, the First failure of the attempt to protect new York ended in the retreat of American troops up to Pennsylvania. The rise of morale occurred after Washington's operations on the river Delaware on Christmas night 1776, when his army, consisting of 2,500 people crossed the river in terrible weather conditions and was able to capture about 1,000 British located in Trenton and did not expect an attack and kill their commander.

The biggest victory of the Americans the battle of Saratoga had not Washington and Benedict Arnold and General gates. After that, the Congress started talking why not replace George Washington with gates more successful. But timely response of Washington and its superiority over the competitors brought these discussions. In 1777 Washington's army survived the terrible winter at valley forge. In 1780, the main military action shifted to the South and Washington was engaged for the most part those that coordinated the allied forces. Only in 1781 he took part in the battle of Yorktown which gave Americans the victory.

After the signing of the Paris peace Washington left the army and returned to mount Vernon. In.

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