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Fresno Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and the largest away from the coast. Geographically, Fresno is located in the heart of California. The population of Fresno for the year 2014 is 515 thousand inhabitants. Fresno is the center of a Metropolitan area whose population exceeds 11 million. Like many of California city of Fresno is growing rapidly but the pace of growth close to national records. In comparison with 1990 the number of inhabitants increased more than 13.

Distance from Fresno on highway Fresno was founded by the employees of the railroad company Central Pacific Railroad Company in 1872. The city status was obtained in 1885. From the outset, the population of Fresno was very diverse railroad workers native to China Scandinavian farmers came from Germany, the Japanese, the Armenians. Since the beginning of the 20th century there was a great influx of the Hispanic population. The racial composition of Fresno in 2013 Fresno is a very young city - the average age of a resident 293. According to forecasts, by 2020, Latinos will account for 60% of the population.

Socio-economic indicators Fresno statistics for 2013 On all counts it is quite a depressing city. Fresno is located in a large and flat Central valley California Central Valley. Fresno County administrative is located in the heart of this valley and you'll be a developed agriculture grapes almonds poultry milk tomatoes. Long summer and wet winter, combined with mineral rich soil promotes the maturation of a variety of plants and fruits. In total, the region produces more than 350 crops. Car as in most cities in the Central valley is pretty much a necessity.

Attractions near Fresno Fresno is the closest major city from the national parks Yosemite, Yosemite National Park, kings Canyon, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia in Sequoia National Park. Parks is extremely popular with tourists that is why many find themselves in Fresno, passing through on the way to them or to other attractions of the Sierra Nevada. Every national Park deserves a separate story. Yosemite is located North of Fresno 97 km - the most famous of them. The year round crowd of tourists arrive to the glacial valley of Yosemite to see the wonders of nature stone tower cascades of falling water, Alpine gardens and groves of giant sequoias. Compared to Yosemite in the parks kings Canyon 97 km East from Fresno and Sequoia 121 km is much quieter.

These parks are adjacent alongside each other and are very diverse. On their territory there are mountains, deep canyons, caves and giant trees. Fresno has a very good reputation. This is partly true. The economy is based on agriculture trade. Other.

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