Foreign tourism The only tour operator in St. Petersburg, officially sending to the finals

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Foreign tourism The only tour operator in St. Petersburg, officially sending to the finals of the World Cup in South Africa Cape town Tours Myths and legends about the wealth of California lands attracted people from different countries at all times. Here everywhere over the earth, a Golden mist of gold dust in the air magic atmosphere reflects a lot of magical miracles and miraculous visions - so poetically described this land one of the American writers. The search for Golden cities, were brought here by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. The culture of California of the first Europeans is a Spanish Franciscan mission and history of the subordination to them of the indigenous inhabitants of the land - the Indians. Fertility California land pastures orchards and vineyards have attracted Russian settlers in the early 19th century who founded their own colony at Fort Ross supplied the food Alaska owned at the time of Russia.

The gold rush of the late 19th century was a milestone for the new American California history - the era of economic scientific and cultural flourishing. From the point of view of tourist attractions sovremennikami probably the richest state in the country. Modern gold of the region's spectacular mountain scenery of the shores of the ocean national parks ski resorts of the Sierra Nevada, the Mediterranean climate of the coast with gorgeous beaches, cultural and art heritage and modern life of the cities. Huge the entertainment industry is the cradle of which was once Hollywood turned and globalized mass consciousness around the world. Intellectual potential is concentrated in the so-called Silicon valley where the global headquarters for the design and manufacture of high computer technology. Californians always cared about their appearance.

The people here are beautiful and fashionable dress in towns and resorts present unchanged fashionableness and aesthetics.Where nahodyaschehosya extends along the Pacific coast between 32 and 42 degrees North latitude and 114 and 124 West longitude. It is bordered by Oregon to the North by the States of Nevada and Arizona on the East, the southern border of the state is also part of the state border with Mexico. On the Mexican side it adjoins the state of North Baja California. The length of California from North to South of about 1 240 km width from West to East about 400 km. the largest of the Pacific California state.

It is also the third largest state in the United States 423 970 km2, second only to Alaska and Texas and ahead of Montana.Climate and Pogodina most of the territory of the state the climate is Mediterranean, with rainy winters and dry summers. The influence of the ocean reduces the spread of the temperature leads to a cool summer and warm winter.

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