California — the richest American state

04 january 2017, 01:22

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California the most attractive state in America. She is the center of the American film industry. The majority of US citizens want to live in this Sunny and beautiful state. Why is California so attractive because Of the unlimited possibilities of the proximity of the Pacific ocean and a warm climate. Today, California is home to about 35 000 000 people. It is the most populous state.

The subtropical climate of California, but differs in the Northern and southern parts of the state. In the North the winters are mild and wet and summers are warm on the beach and roast in the inner part of the territory. Daily temperatures can reach 35°C in July and can fall to 12°C in December and January. From early April to late October the weather is warm and Sunny. It's the summer season. The coldest summer month April.

Daytime temperatures are around 22-23°C. the hottest July. The average daily temperature is around 35°C but sometimes can reach 40-45°C. due to the dry climate the difference between day and night temperatures are high. The average night temperature of about 3°C in January and 13°C in July. Autumn lasts one month November.

During the day very nice about 17-18°C. In December, January and February winter. The days between 12 and 16°C and the nights are very cold about 3-4°C. Spring is also lasts one month-March. The weather is similar to November 17-18°C. it is Evident that the typical Mediterranean climate of long hot and dry summers, mild winters and short, and a small transitional seasons spring and autumn.

The climate on the coast is also subtropical but heavily modified cold ocean currents that pass. The proximity of the ocean makes the winters warm. The daytime temperature rarely falls below 14°C but also makes the summers are cold in San Francisco the warmest month of September and then the thermometer rarely shows more than 23°C. Winters are wet and summers relatively dry. A characteristic feature here is a large number of foggy days in a year. This is especially the case in summer.

But San Francisco is still the climate is mild. Six months a year above 18°C. However, the conditions are not typical Mediterranean. Water temperature of the ocean is constantly low. Even in the height of summer does not exceed +11 and +12°C. the Conditions will never allow you to swim in the ocean unlike southern California where the situation is completely different.

The water in the ocean is warmer and the beaches are full from March to November. Winter in San Diego and Los Angeles is very short. The daytime temperature in Los Angeles is 19°C in January and 29°C in August and September. Some days can be very hot and the thermometer shows 40 degrees and more. The main part of precipitation falls in winter. The climate is Mediterranean, Sunny and good for health.

Heat and sun that attract people from all over the United States. Southern California is one of the most popular places in the United States. Beaches.

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