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Monument zarabotavshego clerk. His head entered the building.Downtown Los Angeles is an active center of business and cultural life with high-rise buildings and bustling streets. New bars, hotels and restaurants are popping up more often. Downtown is some of the best restaurants in the city which attracts gourmets from all over Los Angeles. Here are sports and cultural venues including the concert hall named after Walt Disney arena Staples Center and the Coliseum stadium near southern California University.

It is curious that to the North of Downtown and adjacent to Chinatown..Los Angeles. Street Sunset.Poligraf Poligrafych Balls definitely would have noted here PURELY AS the TRAM.

. httpfoto-trip.livejournal.com6454181.html In Northern California, USA is a mystical place full of legends.

This is mount Shasta, a stratovolcano in the chain of the Cascade mountains is the largest volcanic peak on the continent of the United States 4319 meters above sea level. Shasta covered with snow even in Midsummer.Once living in these places, the Indians religiously revered sacred area and believed that the mountain is a source of great strength giver of wisdom and healing from disease. They went up to Shasta to cleanse the soul and to come into contact with a mysterious spirit world.Interestingly that in the skies over Shasta visible spherical cloud about which there are different opinions. Some believe that it is a natural phenomenon.

Others argue that cloud the way of the aliens to hide the truth from curious earthlings.Mount Shasta is considered one of the seven sacred mountains of our planet. Every year the mountain come ufologists lovers of all mysterious adherents of various esoteric teachings. Ufologists often seen in the vicinity of mount UFO historians have put forward the assumption that the mountain hides the artifacts of the period of the civilization of Lemurians lost 12,000 years ago. And someone is convinced that somewhere in here is an interplanetary and inter-dimensional portal. Author of Shambhala Andrew Thomas argues that on top of mount Shasta is straight as arrows underground tunnels that lead to new Mexico and later in South America.

Ancient knowledge lost long ago, but vividly believed in January to stand at the very top you will get a charge of strength and health for the whole year.Read more.. Photo The office will be engaged in the preparation of the referendum on the secession of the state from America, reports life.

com Fisherman's Wharf port district in the North-East of San Francisco, one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Here you and restaurants and Souvenirs, and even sea lions are somehow chosen for life 39 pier.Illegal residents of San Francisco.These sea lions came to San Francisco from the Pacific ocean was getting comfortable at pier 39 and leave him not.

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