California is one of the most famous States of America, a symbol of the diversity and prosperity of the United States.

04 january 2017, 01:23

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California is one of the most famous States of America a symbol of diversity and prosperity of the United States. The influence of this state on the culture of the powerful American state cannot be overstated. California is the third largest state in the US comparable in size only to Alaska and Texas. Deserts alternate with dense forests, mountains and gorgeous beaches. In California, there are two most famous cities in the world San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is the most populous state in the United States, it is sufficient to say that one in eight Americans lives in California.

Due to the high population state is represented in Congress by the greatest number of congressmen. The concept of California is interpreted so widely that sometimes you have to say about the two California. One geographical, the second romantic. California is geographically large and populous state with several peaks among which are the famous mount Whitney. In California is death Valley, the lowest expanse of land. But in addition to the facts provided by geographers and scholars in the image of California was influenced by the famous Hollywood created a romantic image of this region.

The word CA in the imagination there are images of coastal tramps and charming movie stars damsels living in the glow of spotlights. Such stereotypes are firmly entrenched in the minds of average citizens. Moreover, such opinions play into the hands of the tourism and entertainment business of the state to increase the flow of tourists and money to the local budget. In the early Spanish stories and legends of California emerges as an exotic place which at the time also not spared the gold rush. Whatever it was, but California is considered the territory of great opportunities. And symbiosis of these different ideas about the state has created a fascinating and unique image of California.

Despite the fact that the Spanish discovered California quite early in 1542 the development of its territory began only in the XVIII century. The colonization of Spaniards expressed the missionary policy of creating FORTS and building cities. The most successful was the missionary activity of monks-Franciscans established 21 missions. Pockets of Catholicism were 48 km from each other if you go from San Diego to SONOMA along the king's highway. In 1848 Mexico ceded California to the United States and a year later there gold was discovered. In the 1949 gold rush in California attracted crowds of gold miners who were called the people of the 49th year.

Additional staff development provided deposits of silver and the construction of the transcontinental railroad, 1869. things got Complicated with race. Especially sharp when he was in California surged a crowd of Chinese immigrants, the government raised them to.

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