California is a state located in the West of North America, on the Pacific coast.

04 january 2017, 01:22

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California state located in Western North America on the Pacific ocean. It is the third largest US state after Alaska and Texas. California landscape is rich and diverse. Mountains, hills, canyons and towering peaks of the sky at 4600 meters above sea level, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada is surrounded by California Central valley Central Valley separating it from the hot winds of the desert. In California is the lowest point in Death Valley geographic level located in the Valley of Death Death Valley and the highest peak of the U.S.

mount Whitney Mount Whitney. California it is characterized by moderately hot summers warm winters and abundance of Sunny days in all months of the year. This is a fertile land with sea and mountain landscapes of orange groves and vineyards. But now California is not only all-American fruit garden and cenacarta what it was in the beginning of the century. Today the names of East and West coast is not just a geographical concept. These words reflect the whole complex of problems describing trends in the development of economic and political life of the country.

The East coast is that part of the United States where he started a big business where was born the American establishment. East long dictated the country their will directing its political and economic life. However, today, California the most populated state of America delivers to Congress are often more members than any other. This process is called californiala America. The very concept of the far West has changed. Now the West is associated not only with the gold fever of the mid-century but with oil and in our time with nuclear and space business with computers.

Comparing the Western and Eastern coasts it should be noted the main CA today really took the lead. The name California was first given to these lands of the Spanish Explorer Juan rodríguez Cabrillo Juan rodríguez Cabrillo explored in 1542, is a North American Pacific coast. It is possible that the name Cabrillo gave to the banks came from a popular Spanish novel published in 1510 which described a fictional island Paradise called California. Traditionally, California called the Golden state Golden State referring to her as a wonderful climate and a flourishing nature and found gold here. This definition is now supplemented with a new meaning. California truly the Golden state for the military industrial complex.

Here in Rockwell international Lockheed General dynamics and other corporations placed the most orders large contracts the orders of the Pentagon. Most California firms working for the U.S. military. California so called government in.

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