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CA eng. California State of California - one of the US States located on the West coast. The most populous US state - California residents are more than 38 million people - every 8 Americans lives here. Area California takes 3rd place, after Alaska and Texas. California shares borders with Oregon to the North Nevada to the East Arizona to the Southeast and Mexico on the South and West by the Pacific ocean. In California are the second and fifth largest Metropolitan areas of the USA greater Los Angeles and the Bay Area of San Francisco and eight of the 50 most populous cities Los Angeles San Diego San Jose San Francisco Fresno Sacramento long beach and Oakland.

California has been inhabited by various tribes of Indians. It was visited by several European mostly Spanish expeditions in the XVI-XVII centuries. She then became part of the Spanish colonial Empire became part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. In 1821, after Mexico gained independence of Upper and lower California became part of it in 1848 after losing the Mexican-American war, Upper California was transferred to the United States. September 9, 1850 California was admitted to the Union as the 31st state. The California gold rush beginning in 1848 led to a massive immigration and great economic boom.

California is very diverse geographically from the Pacific coast in the West to the Sierra Nevada to the East of the fir forest Redwood-Douglas in the North-West to the Mojave desert in the Southeast. The center of the state is the Central valley - the main agricultural region. California is the highest and the lowest point of the continental States, mount Whitney and Death Valley. California has the third longest coastline after Alaska and Florida. Due to the fact that California lies on the Pacific ring of fire earthquakes are often here in the year 37 thousand most of the small, imperceptible for the people. At least half of all U.

S. grown fruits are produced in California. Other important industries are manufacturing education aerospace, and high technology. Spanish writer Garci rodríguez de Montalvo wrote a cycle of novels about the knight Amadis de gaula. In 1510 published the fifth novel in the series, Acts of Esplandian. In it the author describes a fictional island Paradise called California where a lot of gold live griffins and other fabulous animals as well as Black Amazons, led by Queen of Calafia.

When in 1530-XX years of Spanish conquistadors reached the California Peninsula they called these lands the name of the book as well as the vast land behind the Peninsula is the territory of the present.

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