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CA California The Capital Of Sacramento Sacramento Nick Golden State Golden state California borders Arizona to the South-East by the state of Nevada to the East and Oregon in the North-East. California is the 31st state of the USA. California most populous US state as the census and estimated 2008 and third in area, after Alaska and Texas. California is a state of contrasts. Here are the highest and the lowest point of the United States mount Whitney and death Valley ski resorts and deserts mountains forests and beaches of the Spanish mission and skyscrapers. Here is concentrated most of the industry of the country.

San Diego is located close to the Mexican border is a major port. On the coast are many resorts which are open all year round with the exception of palm springs is a winter resort. Resort at lake Tahoe border with Nevada open all year round and in summer you can relax on the shores of the famous lake and in winter skiing in the famous ski resort. In Northern California there are many national parks one of them is Yosemite . Los Angeles San Diego San Jose San Francisco Long Beach Fresno Sacramento Oakland Santa Ana Anaheim. Additional information The Capital Is Sacramento The largest city is Los Angeles Local time Pacific time - 8 hours Climate the climate varies from Mediterranean to subarctic.

In most parts of the state has a Mediterranean climate with cool rainy winters and dry summers. Cool coastal California current is the cause of frequent occurrence of fog near the coast. When moving into the colder winter and warmer weather in the summer. In the Northern part of the state average higher annual rainfall than in the South. The climate is also affected by mountain ranges do not let the wet air into the state. In the North-Western part of California has a temperate climate in the Central valley has a Mediterranean climate but with greater temperature extremes than the coast.

In the mountains including the Sierra Nevada mountain climate with snowy winters and warm and moderately warm summers. What to see San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey to Carmel-on-the-sea Mission Santa Barbara Solvang pier Santa Monica Hollywood universal studios Beverly hills Disneyland Sea World Yosemite national Park Wine Region of NAPA and other Bay Area San Francisco Central Coast Central Valley Deserts gold Country High Sierra Inland Empire Los Angeles North Coast orange County San Diego Shasta Cascade. California is the most.

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