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04 january 2017, 01:22

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With regard to California it is appropriate to use the adjectives and one of the most - after all, this state is not only the most populous in the country and one of the largest behind only Alaska and Texas but also perhaps one of the most famous in the world largely due to its heavenly image formed by Hollywood favourable climate and of course former Governor movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. Located in the South-East of the country by land California is bordered by Oregon Nevada and Arizona as well as Mexico and the West California coast is washed by the Pacific ocean - the pride of those wealthy people who owns a very expensive coastal real estate. The state capital of Sacramento, where about half a million people is much inferior in fame and population of such cities as or however several years later after the annexation of California to the Union what for Sacramento was assigned functions that the city carries about one and a half centuries. The first Europeans appeared on the territory of modern California were Spanish explorers under the command of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542. For several years the representatives of England, including the famous sir Francis Drake and the Spanish landed on the hospitable shores of California, however, serious study of these lands began only in the second half of the eighteenth century, after the Spaniards had been opened several missions marked the beginning of large-scale presence of subjects of the Spanish crown in the South-West of the country. However, the Spaniards were not long masters of these territories - in the twenties of the nineteenth century, Mexico after the victory over Spain in the war for independence became the owner of California land and in 1847 the result of the U.

S.-Mexican war the territory of modern California and several other States was transferred to the United States September 9, 1850, Golden state became the thirty-first state of the Union. In the middle of the nineteenth century was a period of rapid development of the region began in statesrate fever has caused the influx of large numbers of new residents for several years the state population before the discovery of gold not exceeding fifteen thousand people exceeded two hundred thousand. Of course the influx of a similar number of people caused a rapid growth in various fields of Economics ranging from rassicuranti and to the formation of a broad scope of services. In the second half of the last century, California has overtaken new York in terms of population. We all know that California's great climate about three hundred and fifty days of sunshine a year.

However, a huge area of the state.

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