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California is on the West of the country on the coast of the Pacific ocean. It is the 31st US state. North California is also a state of Oregon to the East is Nevada in the South-East Arizona and South Mexico. From the West the state is washed by waters of the Pacific ocean. The coastline here is the longest in the country. Basically it has a Mediterranean climate.

Winters are rainy and summers are very dry. Since there is the cold California current from the coast is often fog. The next area is removed from the ocean the more continental climate there. Northwestern California is characterized by a temperate climate, snowy winters are replaced here by a warm summer. And in the desert areas usually prevail in the cold winter and hot summer. The California study was initiated by the Americans about the twenties of the last century.

First it was the fur traders and hunters. In the spring of 1846, the war between Mexico and the United States. In June of that year, a group of American settlers in SONOMA captured Mexican military garrison arrested local commandant and said that from now on there is created independent of the Mexican state called California Republic. In January 1848, California was discovered nuggets. In August of this year about the discovery of gold was written in the new York Herald and by the end of the year James Polk 11th President of the United States made it official. So in California, and was the beginning of the gold rush.

Actually what she did from a remote and unknown area one of the most popular and richest regions of the country. In the 1870-ies the construction was completed on the railway tracks. This led to huge population growth in the region. New residents liked the local climate which is perfectly suited both for living and for agriculture. From 1950, the year and today California is the most populous state in the country. This amazing state is full of attractions including canyons Lessenski and Sequoia-kings and lake Tahoe, Mojave desert, and Colorado.

Its beauty is impressive National parks of Yosemite valley and the Bay of San Francisco and the Monterey Peninsula. Tourists should definitely visit the Observatory Palmirsky Disneyland and the famous Death Valley. Magnificent examples of natural beauty are mount Whitney, the volcano Lassen and Sequoia General Sherman. Besides having been here not to see Hollywood, the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz prison and much more. The state has a well-developed and fairly diversified economy. As before at a high level in the region is mining.

Today, the main among them is the oil. Processing.

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