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California US state located on the West coast of the country. It is the most populous state and third largest. In California there is something to interest everyone in the South of the state is Disneyland, Hollywood and the beaches of Malibu and North to the legendary Golden Gate bridge, the hills of San Francisco the vineyards of NAPA valley and the state capital of Sacramento. In California there are eight national parks, six of them in the mountains to the East of the state. California has a huge variety of landscapes which is amazing even for such a large area. In the state are simultaneously the highest point of the continental United States without Alaska and Hawaii mount Whitney in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada 4421 and the lowest is Death Valley -82.

From the West the state is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. A large part of the coast is steep although there are beaches. Around the middle of the state flows the Sacramento river dividing California into North and South. Along the coast are located the so-called Coastal ridges and semi-desert vegetation in the South and forests of sequoias to the North and behind them the Central Valley. For the Central Valley are the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada in which are located several national parks including Yosemite. In the South-East of the state is rocky desert and most of it is located at an altitude of a kilometer to two.

There is the typical vegetation of cacti and Yucca are often the most fantastic shapes. in Death Valley was recorded record high temperatures and record low rainfall in North America. People settled in California more than 50,000 years ago, before the advent of European explorers in the 1500 years of lived here over thirty different tribal groups of which up to now have remained only slightly more than 120 tribes. The first Europeans here were Spanish and Portuguese who in the late 18th century, built the settlement in California and established 21 religious mission. Many of them still exist including the mission in Santa Barbara. After the Mexican war of independence of 1821, California for 25 years, became part of Mexico.

In 1846 she was briefly an independent state, and in the same year, was annexed to the United States of America. The discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada in 1848 marked the beginning of the California gold rush and the population of the state for two years has increased from 15 000 to 300 000 people. California was recognized as a state in 1850, and since then its population has increased significantly. In our days it is the most populous US state, home to more than 38 million people. Almost everyone understands English and many in Spanish. In parallel to the entire coast of the state but not close to him is a highway 5.

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