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CA eng. California state is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean on the West coast. In the North it borders with Oregon and on the East by Nevada, on the South-East with Arizona. In southern California, the border with the Mexican state of Baja California. The capital city of Sacramento. Major cities Los Angeles San Francisco San Jose San Diego.

A population of 37 691 912 of people 2011. Area 423 970 km2. In 1850 California became the 31st state of the USA. Attractions of the state In the Pacific ocean southwest of Los Angeles is a huge nature reserve, the island of Santa Catalina. Great fame of the island has brought its unique ecosystem with more than 400 species of plants 100 species of birds and mammals. In the only town in the island of avalon are old Casino 1929 with the big dance hall and a Museum of theatre art gallery tower Chimes and old hotel Wrigley.

South of Los Angeles lies the resort of Santa Barbara known for its colorful architecture and great seaside location. In the North-East 40 km from the resort there is a town called Solvang. Everything here is built in the Scandinavian style windmills bakery gas street lamps and picturesque buildings. In California you can also visit the Railway Museum and the national historical Park Camas where are caves decorated with ancient paintings of the Indians. Geography and climate The length of the state from North to South is about 1,240 km from West to East approximately 400 km. On the territory there are many geological faults, earthquake-prone area.

In addition, there are several volcanoes. Through the Central plain there are two the largest river, the San Joaquin and Sacramento. Between California and Arizona and the Colorado river. In Northern California, the Klamath river flows into the Pacific ocean. Most of the territory of the state of the climate Mediterranean. Winter is rainy summer is dry.

Proximity to the ocean affects the temperature as a result, the summers are cool and winters are warm. In the Central part the climate is continental. The West wind usually brings moisture. On the North of the state rainfall is more than in the South of the state. In the Northwest the climate is temperate. The average annual rainfall ranging from 38 to 100 cm.

In the mountains are usually snowy winters and warm summers. Economy California is in 1st place in terms of gross regional product among other States in the US $1 billion 9685. About 13% of the GNI of the United States America is in California. In the state produce oil, natural gas active use of solar wind energy and geothermal energy. Here is the famous Silicon valley is the center of the group of companies focusing on information technology and electronic industry.

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