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Go on a journey with our heroes and win California is located on the West coast of North America. It ranks first in terms of population among the States and the third area. In California there is something to interest everyone In major cities in North America excluding the city of California you can visit the national parks to skiing or snowboarding and also to visit the highest peak in the United States - mount Whitney. The people settled in the territory of California approximately 50,000 years ago. Then it was inhabited by about 30 species of tribal groups but after the arrival of European explorers in 1500-ies, the number began to rise significantly. The first European settlers were Spanish and Portuguese.

They built the first settlement and created 21 organizations some of which have survived to this day including in Santa Barbara. After the Mexican war of independence in 1821, California became part of Mexico and remained for 25 years she has been a sovereign state of the California Republic. Then, in 1846, California was annexed to the United States. In 1848 opened the Golden canyon in the Sierra Nevada that gave rise to the emergence of the California gold rush. And for two years the indigenous population of California increased from 15,000 to more than 300,000. Individual state of California began in 1850 when it started the steady growth of the population.

Today California is the most populous U.S. state home to more than 38 million inhabitants. More than 160,000 square miles 411 000 sq km is located CA. Mount Whitney with a height of 4, 421 metres is the tallest in the state of Death Valley about 200 miles on 282 ft - 82 m below sea level is the lowest point in North America. The California border to the West looks like the rocky coast along the Pacific ocean.

The coastal mountains rise from the ocean and are a place where lush redwoods in the Northern part. The Central valley divides the southern and Northern part of California to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada are Yosemite national Park Redwood national Park and kings Canyon and other natural wonders. In the South-Eastern part of California is dominated by desert, which covers 25% of the total area of California. The Mojave desert with elevations from 3,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level and receives less than six inches of rain annually The territory of California is quite diverse ranging from the forested Northern coastal regions to the harsh southern deserts. In the heart of California is the fertile Central valley where the popular farming. The California Constitution States that English is the official language of the state of California.

California English is.

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