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One of the visitors during a walk in the Park made photos of the common merganser in just one minute and ate four of crayfish. In the United States, the members of Yes California has submitted to the office of the attorney General a proposal to hold a plebiscite on the output of California from the United States writes the Los Angeles Times. Thus, supporters of independence of the state has taken the first official step in this direction. Supporters of the plan to separate California from the United States made the first official step in this direction, writes the Los Angeles Times. They presented to the office of the attorney General's proposal for the referendum. Members of the movement Yes California advocating for the so-called CalExit I hope that this vote will take place in 2018.

Marcus Ruiz Evans Vice President and co-founder of the movement said that his group had originally planned to vote later, however, the selection of Donald trump for President of the United States accelerated the process. Now the article says the attorney General's office will give the proposal an official name and make it the conclusion. As Evans said he hopes that in the spring will be able to start collecting signatures for the plebiscite. Edition of the Los Angeles Times noted that typically, the implementation of such initiatives must have significant resources to pay for the work of collectors of signatures. But Evans, whose organization has no significant financial support has already stated that 13 thousand people expressed a desire to start collecting signatures as volunteers. Evans also noted that the movement to Yes California is more than two years and is based inter alia on the fact that the taxpayers of this state pay into the state Treasury more than the state receives funds on your costs.

At the end of the edition of the Los Angeles Times notes that in California this is not the first case when such a proposal. For many years different groups have taken the initiative on the separation of the state from the United States and form their own state. httpsAmerican.rt.cominotv2016-11-23Los-Angeles-Times-Tr.

. httpwww.latimes.compoliticsessentialla-pol-ca-essentia..

November 8 California Massachusetts and Nevada voted for the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes, equating to alcohol also in California rejected the idea of mandatory condom use by porn actors on set. Well at least in California people are thinking about the really relevant issues. In Ekaterinburg will open a Consulate of the independent state of California. About this RT said the President of the movement for the independence of the state of Yes California Louis Marinelli who in the present moment is in town and is looking for a suitable location. At first, the Consulate will function as.

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