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CA California US state located on the West coast of the country overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Bordered by the American States of Oregon to the North Nevada to the East and Arizona in the South-East and the Mexican state of Baja California in the South. California the 31st state of the USA it was formed September 9, 1850. Prior to that, California at different times was under the rule of Spain and Mexico. California the most populated state in the United States and third largest after Alaska and Texas. The state's population - about 37 million people.

The area of the state - 423 970 sq. km. Capital Sacramento largest city Los Angeles Los Angeles. Other major cities San Diego San Diego long beach Long Beach Oakland Oakland San Francisco San Francisco San Jose San Jose Sacramento Sacramento Fresno Anaheim Anaheim Fresno Santa Ana riverside Santa Ana Riverside TORRANCE Torrance Glendal Glendale garden grove Garden Grove. The state motto of California is Eureka Eureka. Nicknames state Golden state Golden State El Dorado, the country of the skies Land of the Sky the state Sierra Sierra State grape the state Grape State.

The abbreviation of California is CA. The name of the state of California The name California comes from the name of the Las Californias province of the Viceroyalty of New Spain Spanish colonies in North America part of the territory which is the modern US state of California and the States of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. In turn, the Spanish province got its name from the fictional Spanish writer Garci rodríguez de Montalvo described around the year 1500 in his novel the acts of Esplandian California island. The novel describes the island located to the East of the Asian continent is very close to an earthly Paradise populated by black Amazons living under the rule of the Queen of Califia. There is also a version about the origin of the name California from the Catalan one of the languages of Spanish words and cal forn a hot oven where hot like in an oven. History Before the arrival of Europeans, the Indian population of California was extremely diverse as the languages are about 70 different peoples, many of which were different language groups or even families and patterns of life from fishermen to nomads.

Well-known California tribes, the maidu Kumasi Salina Salina utiytsy Misaki Aloni Modoc Mojave, pomo, Shasta tongue screw esselen of yakuty Washoe Ian chimariko, karuk the Hupa of cahuilla. The first Europeans who explored these shores was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542 and sir Francis Drake in 1579 until the 1730s California as an island. Since the end of 1700 years of the Spanish missionaries built small settlements in the vast tracts of land on the empty lands North of Baja California. After the independence of Mexico the whole chain of such settlements.

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