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California is a State which covers the southern half of the West coast of the United States. With a population of 36 million and an area of 410 thousand square kilometers California - largest us state by population and third in area. The territory of California was inhabited by Indians when in the XVI -th century it was first reached by European explorers. Starting in 1769 Spain colonized the coastal region of the territory which became part of Mexico after the issuance of Mexico's independence in 1821. Mexico essentially ignored California for the next 25 years - and the resulting Mexican-American war 1846 - 1848 the territory was captured only 500 American soldiers and sailors. After the war the territory purchased by the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Therefore, during the California gold rush of 1848-49 in the district additionally, emigrated about 90 000 people and in 1850 California became the 31st state of the USA. Sunny climate the state has granted him a reputation as a resort compared to the East coast of the USA. California has the sixth largest economy in the world 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2005, she has 13% of the gross domestic product GDP of the United States are in 13 trillion dollars.

The main industries include agriculture, entertainment industry, light industry and tourism. California also located several important economic areas like Hollywood entertainment California Central valley agriculture Silicon valley computers and high tech, Wine country wine. First, California was the name of a vast territory composed of the Mexican Peninsula now known as Baja California and American California. The territory of the modern States of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Wyoming also belonged to Spain and Mexico but were almost totally undeveloped. I believe that the name came from the mythical Paradise of Calafia portrayed in the collection of tales Amads de Gaula Spanish romance of the 16th century, Garcia Rodriguez de Montalvo, which in the book was out of reach Bank full of gold loving Amazons living in caves, and strange beasts. There's also evidence that the word California may come from the early Spanish explorers who entered California hot southern regions, and called California hot as an oven caligt forniagt hot oven.

This title may have occurred from the caliente fornalia what Spanish means hot oven or perhaps from calida fornax, Latin hot climate. Territory.

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