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Californiaall. California The motto of the state of Song state The nickname of the state Capital The largest city Major cities The population Area Height above sea level The adoption of the Statute of the state The Governor Vice-Governor The legislature Senators Time zone Reduction Official website California Commons Калифорния12 eng. California pronounced kælɨˈfɔrnjə INF. штат3США located on the Western coast of the country overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Bordered by the American States of Oregon to the North Nevada to the East and Arizona in the South-East and the Mexican state of Baja California in the South. California the 31st state of the USA it was formed September 9, 1850.

Prior to that, California at different times was under the rule of Spain and Mexico. California most populous US state as the census and estimated 2008 4 and third in area after Alaska and Texas. Capital Sacramento largest city Los Angeles. Other major cities San Francisco San Diego San Jose. The state is known for its varied climate, colorful composition of the population. California ranks first among US States in terms of gross domestic product.

The most important sectors of the economy state agriculture in the aerospace industry, the extraction and processing of oil show-business information technology. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Indian population of California was extremely diverse as the languages are about 70 different peoples, many of which were different language groups or even families and way of life from fishermen to nomads. Well-known California tribes, the maidu Kumasi Salina Salina utiytsy Misaki Aloni Modoc Mojave, pomo, Shasta tongue screw esselen of yakuty Washoe Ian chimariko, karuk the Hupa of cahuilla. The first Europeans who explored these shores was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542 and sir Francis Drake in 1579. Until the 1730-ies California was considered an island. In the middle of the XVIII early XIX centuries in California begin to penetrate Russian.

After the second voyage of Vitus Bering 17341743 the Russians had established trading bases throughout the North-West coast of America. Since the end of the eighteenth century Spanish missionaries built small settlements in the vast tracts of land on the empty lands North of Baja California Baja California Spanish. After the independence of Mexico, the entire chain of mission settlements were declared the property of the Mexican government and they were abandoned. As a result of two expeditions of an employee of the Russian-American company Lieutenant Ivan Kuskov 18081809 and 1811 years was chosen for the establishment of the settlement of Fort Ross, which operated from 1812 to 1841 years as the southernmost Outpost of the Russian Empire in.

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