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The flag of the state of California. California geographical map. CA. The coast of the Pacific ocean. California valley. California California is a state in the South-Western United States off the coast of the Pacific ocean.

Covers an area of 411 thousand sq. km is the largest state by population. The administrative center of Sacramento Sacramento. Los Angeles. A view of the downtown. Largest city Los Angeles Los Angeles San Diego San Diego long beach Long Beach Oakland Oakland San Francisco San Francisco San Jose San Jose Anaheim Anaheim Fresno Fresno Santa Ana riverside Santa Ana Riverside TORRANCE Torrance.

San Diego. The Museum complex in Balboa Park. San Diego. National monument to H. Explorer Cabrillo first landed here in 1542. The terrain diversity of the Sierra Nevada, Coast ranges, Mojave desert lake Tahoe valley national parks.

CA. Mono Lake. CA. Lake Tahoe. The development of these lands by Europeans began in 1542 when Spanish Explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered the Bay of San Diego and called the Northern part of the territory of Upper California. 37 years later the Englishman Francis Drake reached the coast of Northern California.

The first settlement was founded in 1769 it was a mission of Alta California in San Diego first founded by Franciscan monk Junípero Serra. In 1821, California became a Mexican province. In 1837 the government of Mexico gave California to the status of autonomy. In 1846 the United States declared war on Mexico, and a year later took possession of California. In 1848 in the Sacramento area were found gold and started the gold rush. In California, a flood of immigrants, the population increased significantly.

In 1850 California became the 31st state of the USA. Sacramento is the administrative center of California. The Capitol Building. The capital of California Sacramento was founded in 1848. The city lies at the confluence of the Sacramento and American. It is interesting to visit the restored old town, Governor's mansion Museum, Pony Express art gallery Crocker.

The city has 120 parks and gardens. The city annually holds the festival of camellias is why Sacramento is called the world capital of the camellias. CA. Yosemite national Park. The picture shows a Cascading waterfall, the total height of 727 m Sequoias in Yosemite national Park. Among the natural attractions of the state national Park valley Yosemite Yosemite Valley national Park, Mount Lassen, Sequoia national Park Death Valley.

In California are the Disneyland Park in the center of the American film industry Hollywood, the prison of Alcatraz. The peak of Half dome in Yosemite national Park. Yosemite Park the first U.S. protected landscape from 1864 national Park with 1890. Yosemite.

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